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Aka if you ask us anything answered here, we will simply send you this website so you might as well read up!

FAQ: Programs


Yes, it's long. No, we're not sorry.

The process is designed to make sure that the adoption is set up for success.  Yes, there is an extensive screening process.  No, it is not immediate.  However it is fairly quick and you can have your pet home with you in anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending primarily on the method of transport you choose.  

The first, and most important, step is to fill out the application.  Take your time, be thorough, and be honest.  We cannot process incomplete apps, and fosters will reject applications that they do not feel are a good fit for their dog. 

If you aren't chosen for a particular dog, that just means we don't think that pet would make you happy, or vice versa.  It doesn't mean you are necessarily a bad dog owner and we encourage you to adopt elsewhere.  We try very hard to minimize returns as it is hard on the dogs, so every precaution we take is to guarantee the best result for the dog.  Remember, we're all in this to help pups be happy and successful in their forever homes!


You must follow these. No exceptions, no matter how awesome you are.

  1. SUBMIT THE COMPLETED APPLICATION.  If you leave any question blank or refuse to answer, your application will not be considered and no reply will be sent.  It is your responsibility to check for completeness.

  2. WAIT for someone to contact you.  This is a small organization run by volunteers with full time jobs.  Your patience is appreciated.

  3. VIDEO CHAT If your application is preliminary approved, a video chat will be scheduled.  This has two purposes: a virtual home visit on our side and a virtual meeting of the dog on your side.

  4. CONTRACT If you and the foster agree it is a good fit, then you will be invited to adopt the dog. You must sign and return the contract.

  5. PAY Payment must be made before transport via Paypal.  If you are unwilling to pay before receiving the pet, please do not apply.  We need to funds to pay for the transport, as we are a small rescue.

  6. WELCOME YOUR NEW FAMILY MEMBER You are responsible for making sure you pick up your dog at the pre-agreed upon time/location/etc.


Everything you want to know

FAQ: What We Do


Is the fee negotiable? I love dogs but I don't have any money! My local shelter is cheaper.

We receive no funding from the government or from any other sources outside of adoption fees.  This is a non-profit organization and can only continue to operate if our costs are covered.  Routine medical care and other expenses for one healthy dog are outlined below - this doesn't include antibiotics, grooming, cryptorchid, dentals, etc.  If our fees are not in your budget, we encourage you to look locally at a shelter near you that receives subsidies to cover adoption costs and does not have to pay for transportation.  We are thrilled that you opt to adopt from anyone, whether or not it is us!  But please bear in mind that dogs are a huge financial responsibility and one you should not take on unless you have the funds to properly care for a pet.

  • Spay/neuter: $200-$400

  • Heartworm treatment: $500

  • Fecal: $20

  • Deworming: $20-$60

  • Heartworm test: $35

  • DAPPVL vaccine (x3): $25

  • Rabies: $25

  • Collar/tags: $10

  • Health certificate: $65

  • Vet exam fees: $35-65 X 3

  • Heartworm preventative: $10/mo

  • Flea/tick preventative: $10/mo

  • Food: $40/mo

  • Bordatella (x2): $20

  • Microchip: $15

  • Dental: $150

  • Boarding: $100

  • Hernia repair or cryportid neuter: $200

  • Grooming: $65

  • ​Transport: $185-$500

  • assorted other surgeries: $300-$6500


Why is this dog showing up in my town when (s)he is actually in Houston, TX?

ALL DOGS ARE LOCATED WITH FOSTER FAMLIES IN HOUSTON, TX.  However, we do not adopt locally.  There is a huge animal overpopulation problem in Houston; there are simply too many dogs being born and not enough homes to adopt them all here in town.  Dogs are killed instantly at our 14 area shelters if they are owner surrenders or after 72 hours if they are strays.  In addition, it is estimated that over 1 million stray pets are roaming the streets of Houston at any given time (yes, they actually did a drone study on this). For this reason, all of our dogs are placed in homes in other states in the NY/NJ/NE, midwest, and PNW areas.  They are listed on your local Adopt-a-Pet so that you can find them and we can transport them to you. 

​We do adopt out of state, to anywhere a plane flies.  However, you won't get to meet your pet in person unless you fly to Houston (most people don't).  We can facilitate a video chat so you can virtually meet your dog and our fosters are always honest about their dogs' temperaments.  We take our dogs back if it doesn't work out so it doesn't benefit anyone to place a dog in a home that is not the perfect match.



Do I have to come pick up the dog? What transport do you use? Is that included in the fee?

We use a variety of methods. 

  • There is a ground transport option for some locations that is included in the fee. Ground transport leaves Houston (typically on a Wed) every few weeks and arrives to the northeast four days later (usually Sat).  There are preset stops in each state and you meet the van to pick up your dog.  The dogs are transported in a climate controlled truck (owned by a for-profit third party company not affiliated with our rescue) with around 200 or so other dogs.  This is typically for large dogs as it really stressful for small dogs and it is pretty cheap to fly small dogs.

  • We can also fly a dog on United PetSafe to any airport that is a direct flight.  You have to pay for the crate and the additional flight cost.  

  • We also offer escorted flight where the dog can ride in the cabin with a human companion.  For scared or shy dogs or puppies who are not fully vaccinated, this is the only option. Prices and schedule varies.​


Can I get preapproved? Do you require a yard? What if I have kids?

We do not have a set list of requirements.  We do not require a fenced in yard for all dogs, we do adopt to homes with small children, we do adopt to first time dog owners, and we do adopt to multidog homes....BUT only if it is the right choice for the specific dog in question. Each dog has it's own characteristics and things needed to thrive and those are taken into consideration with each potential adoption. 

No adoption applications are pre-approved for this reason.  Every home is assessed on its own merits and every dog is matched with the right fit for that specific animal.  We use the application as a screening tool to make sure it is a good placement.

Would you like to support our efforts?

FAQ: What We Do
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